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Frog Breeding Cycle

Fogs will be seen gathering in ponds between January and April each year where they will spawn depending on the temperature. at this time of year you can hear the males crocking to attract females.

In about their 3rd spring Frogs will go back to the water to breed. Usually the water where they were spawned.

The males grow horny pads on their front feet to help them grip the females.

The male will grip the female from the back and swim together for a number of days when the female will lay between 1,000 and 3,000 eggs which the male will fertilize as they are released.

The eggs are massed together in shallow, still water, were the sun can warm it. The jelly around the eggs swells to about 6 mm in diameter.


The eggs quickly develop and produce Tadpoles after 2 or 3 weeks, with tail and external gills. metamorphosis continues:

The external gills are absorbed after about 4 weeks.

At 7 weeks hind legs appear.

The front legs develop in side the skin.

At 12 weeks the tale is absorbed, the front legs appear and the lungs are used.

The development of the tadpoles will depend on temperature and availability of food.

Due to predators such as fish and birds only a few frogs in every thousand will reach maturity.

Quote;Sometimes Tadpoles will hibernate over winter. Ref; Plants and Animals by Jan Tomam and Jir? Felix, Octopus books 1974.

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Sound of the common Frog

Sound of the common frog recorded March 2016.