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Froggy Photographer

Hello Froggy Photographer, I have been looking out for frog activity but drawn a blank so far, I have been watching for weeks now but so far I have not seen a single frog. I have a load of frog spawn on a neighbours pond which is iced over this morning but I keep checking a ditch along the Wirral Way where I have photographed in the past but nothing in sight, just a few croaks some days ago. Have I missed the activity or must I be more patient? I am very keen to get some pictures. Please advise!

and  we got it Wrong!

I just did not agree with you that I had missed the frog mating as I knew that they were present in this ditch, I had heard and seen them but no spawn was evident. Having been watching since February, almost daily, I assumed that they were waiting for an improvement in the weather.This was in fact so, I had checked on Wednesday ... nothing, Thursday I missed as I had to go to Liverpool, I went along yesterday (Friday) and there was spawn everywhere, damn! I have missed all the action. Several frogs just swimming around but no actual mating, I will go back again today with all the camera gear just in case there is more action but I am not too hopeful.

Colin 2013

Looking for Spawn

i have a had a garden pond for 3 years still no sign of frogs do you know where i can get some tadpoles or frog spawn. thank you

Peter  Liverpool 2013

"Frozen Spawn"

Hi... How adversely does temperature affect frogs spawn?     Once again I have masses of frogs pawn in my London garden pond but today (11th March) we have freezing weather and snow flurries and I worry that this will mean another unsuccessful hatching.   I think I've had three seasons now of frogs spawn not hatching being either unfertilised or affected by harsh weather.  Is this a common experience?

Paul 2013

Good News

Hi, my garden has always been a bit of a haven for frogs and toads, even when they were hit with the awful ' RED LEG' virus.  But suddenly for the first time in 35 years, my fountain pond (small ) has a massive clutch of eggs. If they all hatch out my garden will be a mass of frogs for sure. I think they are the common kind .

Denis 2013

Frogs in my house

please help, keep getting frogs in my house, just wondering can they breed indoors as i have got rid of 4 this week. don’t mind frogs but this is really not on. yours

Nikki 2009

Victorian house

we live in the city in Victorian house with side to side gardens. As far as I am aware there are no ponds nearby, yet my kitten has managed to bring 2 frogs in. I rescued them and placed back in the garden, but am unsure where they are coming from and how they are sustaining themselves. I have fair size compost plot which the last frog hopped onto quite happily, then I lost site of him. Is there anything I can do to help but don’t want to encourage the cat to tamper with.

I actually love them and would love to have them in the garden but of course am wary of my cat liking them too.

Donella 2010

"Little Green Frog"

I just read your comment about our book, "Little Green Frog" that David and I created for his two young nieces for Christmas gifts two years ago. We never thought any one else would show any interest in it. So, it is gratifying to see that others may choose to click the link you put on your web site.

Barbara and David 2009

Frogs in the Sun

Thought you may like some pics of the frog in my pond , he hasn't found a mate yet bless him!! hope he will soon

Take care.

Phil 2012

Frogs in the Sun

Here is a picture of 6 frogs “sunbathing” (hunting) by my pond.  Today I counted 17 frogs which pleased me but I know there are a lot more.   I had at least 20 mating couples back in February.  I find sitting by the pond so restful, and the frogs are quite used to me now so mostly they don’t hop off when I’m around.

Sue 2012

Common Frog

I found a picture of the same frog, it was obviously in a photogenic mood that day, the other odd ones are the same but without the paler line on the back.

Abigail 2011

Frog in the Living Room

All the big frogs from our pond seem to have gone over teh last 2 months . What we have found is tiny frogs and that is only when our cat brought one in unharmed. We didn’t actually see the cat bring him/her in but we assumed that's how in ended up in the living room.


House Move

We have  just moved to are new house  and there is a pond at the bottom of the garden which was very over grown . We thinned a lot of the plants out  in September last year and now we have lots of Frogs  spawning. We are going to keep the pond and put lilies in it and other new plants.

Bill and May  - Swingbrow

Our Pond

I just wanted to tell about our pond. Its is not very big really but we see lots of frogs most of the time. Around the pond are lots of flowers, daisy's and yellow irises. The frogs sometimes hide in the plants and catch fly's. In the spring when the tadpoles come the black birds stand on the stones and eat some of  them. Lots of birds visit the pond to drink.

Jenny -  Darlington

New Pond

My father built our pond at the bottom of the garden one day and we put  in some Frogs spawn that we got in a jar from my aunty . After a couple of weeks we had tadpoles which we fed on spam and eggs, they liked it. After the winter we never saw any of the Frogs, then this year one morning we had  Frogs spawn again

Skip - Oxford

New Pond  Update

Just wanted to let  you all know at that there are lots of  Tadpoles again this year.

Skip - Oxford

All Over Frogs

There are frogs all over our house. We don’t have a pond or even a garden to tell you the truth. Its my wife she is potty about frogs, every where we go she brings back a frog or two. We have Frog ornaments, Frog toys and even a Frog butter dish and milk jug

By the way we love the pictures on

Tony Carlisile

Recently Built

Julie from Stratford Upon Avon  wrote “We have recently built our own garden pond in order to attract wildlife - especially frogs!

Great news we now have a frog and tadpoles in our pond - we think it could be a common frog.”

We think your Right  Julie !

Green Frog

This is the first photo (below) we have received of a Green Frog. The yellow stripe down the back leads us to believe it is a Pool Frog. Another clue, not visible in the image but we were told that this Frog was quite noisy with white vocal sacks.

Scared to Death

My wife does not like Frogs in fact she is scared to death of them and screams  when one jumps out at her.

Sam - North Wales

Toad in the Road

While out for any evening walk recently after a unusually warm day for the time of year in an area by the seaside close to some dunes we came across a few creatures we think were Toads. We believe they were Toads as we have read that Frogs jump and as in this case Toads walk. The Toads where making their way towards water but were in danger as they were crossing a paved area used by cyclists. Sadly one had all ready been squashed. We stopped for a few moments and helped the Toads across to where we thought they would be safe and able to continue their journey. I have attached a photo of one of the Toads in the hope that one of your reads can identify more precisely.

Mike and Helen - UK

Frog Tales and Insights

Frog Tales and Insights

At it is always interesting  to hear from Frog fans. Here is a few extracts from our mail that we would like to share with you from people about  their ponds, Frogs and other creatures in their gardens along with some shared images.

If you write something about your pond, insights or stories  or have some pictures we would like to share them with our readers. you can send using the address below.