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All the frogs on FrogsWatch  are the ‘Common Frog - Rana temporaria’ .

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Garden Style

With the decline in natural habitats the suburban garden has become an important refuge for all types of wild life. To sustain our wildlife friendly gardening needs to be encouraged with methods for creating a helpful environment for creatures to survive.

It is not necessary to let your garden go wild to achieve a suitable environment for attracting wild life, nor is there a great effort involved. With only a little know how you can create a beneficial and enjoyable garden environment fitting in with your own gardening style and use.

Benefiting wild life can be as simple as the few ideas listed here;

 The need for the use of chemicals is a misconception and can only do harm to your garden, besides being directly detrimental to wild life the use of chemicals affects the food chain through contamination of environment, food and water source. The negative results can not justify the expense of chemical controls within the suburban garden.

 With a good gardening philosophy we can created a safe clean and healthy environment for wild life pets and ourselves.

 By encouraging predators creatures considered garden pests can easily be controlled, Amongst the predators, Frogs, Toads, Bird’s and Hedgehogs all eat what could be considered harmful to the garden, Insects, Slugs, and Snails. By controlling the pests by the use of chemicals removes the food source of friendly creatures. Moblie Home

With a few exceptions and except were credited all the images of the Common Frogs on this web site were taken in the same suburban garden in the North West of England.