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 All the Galleries We have start to up load this years photos.  

Mild Winter with spring starting wet. The Frogs appeared in mid February (first image 19th February) this year .  The mating ritual was well under way and the first frogs spawned with in the first few days of March. The first pictures of the season were uploaded on the fourth of March.


 Photo Galleries 2017

Once again a mild winter with hardly a cold snap to note. The frogs appeared in force on the 1st of March. The common frog only really calls at breeding time, their calls can be heard as background sound in the slide show of this years photographs.


 Photo Galleries 2016

Photographs from the Frogs Watch garden.  

Photographs from the Garden

This years mild winter and and relatively warm wet spring has seen an good early start to the frogs activity. At the time of writing (late March) there is already plenty of spawn in the ponds and plenty of breeding pairs still active.

 We have start to up load this years photos.  

Photo Galleries 2015

After a good start last year was a little disappointing as a visiting Heron feasted on most of the Frog spawn.


Photo Galleries 2014

The winter was long but not to harsh for the frogs and once the weather warmed up it seems to be a good year with plenty of activity. the breeding was interrupted by cold snaps and some of the first spawn froze, soon though there was still plenty of healthy tadpoles and the frogs seem to be enjoying the warm humid summer.  

Photo Galleries 2013

All is well with the ponds.This year after the winter the Frogs appeared on the 17th February.  We have been quick to start photographing and have started to post some of the pictures.

Photo Galleries 2012

The ponds are still doing well and no more signs of illness. Due to circumstances it was not possible to add more images since 2008 now at last an opportunity and pleasure to photograph and place some new images on

Photo Galleries 2010

Last year the expected devastation never happened and possibly the infection that affected a number of the frogs could have been a different virus other than the Red Leg and that it has run its course, fingers crossed. Last year was a good breeding season and this year seems to be going well with frogs spawn by the end of February the earliest we have had spawn in the frogs-watch pond.

Photo Galleries 2008

2006 started out as being the best recent breeding year with lots of activity and producing lots of spawn. A second shallow pond was added to the garden, and planted to create a good habitat, which the frogs moved into and some great images resulted. Sadly during the year the frog population became infected with the ranavirus (Redleg). As there is no treatment we have to wait and see how badly the population has been effected. As always we are anticipating the arrival of the frogs hoping to get some more great images to share with our visitors.

Photo Galleries 2007

The reaction from visitors to over the last three years has been encouraging. It is hoped that past visitors will return to see our 2006 season’s photographs as they are posted and new visitors will continue to find us. All emails with comments and suggestions have been and are appreciated. Our email address can be found on our contacts page.

Plants and wild life within the pond have had a full season to establish them selves after the 2004 extension, which meant that the pond had to be drained and a new liner fitted. This year we are looking forward to more great photography’s for frog fans to view. Last years first frogs appeared and were photographed on the 2nd of February, as the weather has been so mild so far in 2006, any day now it can be expected that the first frogs will appear from their winter sleep.

Photo Galleries 2006

Demolishing a green house during the summer of 2004 which was next to the pond, left room for the pond to be expanded, the extension is in the area that the frogs like to spawn and so with the frogs in mind and not really needing any more depth in the pond the extra area is shallow. Included are lots of plants and rock shelving too hopefully to create an environment that will be good for the frogs and give a better photographic opportunity. Hopefully interested visitors will return to see the displayed results, from mid February 2005 onwards there should be new photographs to view

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Its is hoped you have enjoyed looking at the images on and that you will return to look again.

All the frogs are the ‘Common Frog - Rana temporaria’ .

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